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Yes, another legacy. This time it's a difference in the family tree legacy, using pixel_trade sims. It's not a polarity in the pollinators one because I'm using all and any pixel_trade sims. I'm a rebel!
Also, please excuse the cropping of some of those pictures. I don't know what I was thinking when I edited them.
Enough babbling, more legacy!

Say hello to Dryad Gomez and my wonderful stats picture.  You probably don't see it (because I'm an idiot) but he has sideways eyes and a retarded nose. He's destinies to have abomination offsprings.
And according to the challenge, he's a farmer and has to live of the land only. And he has to have 1 boy and 1 girl, at least.

This is so not happening (I wonder if anyone has made that ltw happen?)

Dryad's wonderful garden.

First sim to meet Dryad is obviously Nolan by [ profile] kkkayleigh 

The welcome wagon, which Nolan was not a part of, arrives and in it are Niloofar (a sim by me), Krakkepige (also by me) who's not pictured and Jorund [ profile] jens_sims , husband to my Bellows legacy heir.

Niloofar also has the sexy sideways eyes and no shame too, apparently.

This is Krakkepige, I had no idea I gave her such a bitchy personality.

This enthusiastic walkby is brought to you by [ profile] charterzard and her name is Lolo.

Lolo and Dryad get along well enough,  but sadly, little boltage.

Lolo and Niloofar don't get along as well.

Oh boy. Too bad for Dryad she's not eligible since she's made by me.

They need to practice their kissing.

I apperantly missed it, by Dryad got invited on his token outing. With him are (R too L) Jacobina [ profile] frouwke , FInn[ profile] foreverred , Honeybear [ profile] charterzard ,Kaja [ profile] xel_squirgle_ox  and Nicksa [ profile] elecy .

Hind [ profile] amaryssobellus  and Dryad had 2 bolts and she was going on my list of possbble sposes for him until I realized she was a teen. Booh!

Finnika [ profile] gheez caught Dryad's eye but  if memory serves me right, she was a lesbian so no dice.

Jacobina does not approve of Dryad's flirting and Finn foreshadows a trend among the townies.

Sisi [ profile] xie_sims ! Go talk to her Dyad.

Sadly, they did not get along very well. Shame, I wanted some dark-skinned sims in either of my legacy (and dark-skinned offsprings. I'm looking at you, Jorund!)

More fuck-tastic cropping. Dryad is waaaaaaaay too busy staring at Sisi's flashing blue accessory to notice the pretty Juanetty [ profile] prettypalisades .

He eventually noticed her AND SHY FLIRTING!

And she doesn't mind that Dryad apparently has a superiority complex.

Aw, yiss. Match made in 2-bolt heaven.

Uh? Okay, I guess. If that's what you want.

The person was Marigold [ profile] olivethegreat , but she was sadly a lesbian T.T

Ooh, a competition for Juanetty, named Valentina [ profile] jesstheex 

For the first time, shown live on the dreamwith/livejournal of russianspidercat/rockingkitty; DRYAD'S FUCKING FREAKY EYES!

All that spouse hunting left Dryad exhausted.

Yay and stuff.

I pity the fool that talks to my sims, who I seem to always make mean. The pity of the day goes out to Octavia [ profile] perchalicious 

Juanetty came over to bond with Dryad over fishing.

O.O I sure hope he doesn't live up to his name!

Dyad takes the time out of his busy fishing sceduel to greet Willow [ profile] silviansims who then bombards him with ballons. Afterwards,  Dryad tries his luck by greeting that Hawaiian-dressed babe who's name is Penelope [ profile] kaputt_gelibt 

O.o They really don't like each other.

The next day, I had Dryad invite Valentina and Juanetty over to see which he found hotter. They both insisted on bringing friends and Valentina automatically disqualifies herself by flirting with Etta [ profile] jens_sims .

-_-  And Juanetty then does the same thing with Jameson [ profile] rhiannon_alexis 

He takes her downtown anyway and the bartender scoffs at either their flirting or the lack of paint on the walls.

Juanetty gets pickpocket bu the Unsavoury Charlatan.

She realizes her loss. Is it just me or does she looks like she's forcing a fart?
Willow and Citrine [ profile] xel_squrlge_ox discuss ghosts behind the couple.

Dryad fails at plummeting his girl with a ball(?) Triangleball? What do you call this again?

Dryad tells such gross jokes that Juanetty's face deforms.

Hipster-Goopy and Eliott [ profile] upendoaushi discuss something you've never heard of while Ethan [ profile] mjspice dances to the familiar tune of the DJ-booth.

When Dryad gets home, he's greeted by the compost-kidnapper Scientist [ profile] charterzard ! That cad!

Woot. Silver badge.

Oh. Thanks! Wall-tiem!

Is that icon new? Is it related to the science hobby or something?

Dryad finally gets a house.

Ooh, luve.

HAHA! Juanetty is a fortune sim and I guess she regrets getting engaged to a first-generation farmer who'll never be rich XD

Wedding time!

It's at this point I realized Juanetty was a University student so she had to move in before getting married.


Moar gawdjuss stats.

I finally got her to accept her makeover.

Percy [ profile] keoni_chan  is a good friend, indeed.

Juanetty's second aspiration. Dryad's is knowledge.

This is Sizza by [ profile] xel_squirgle_ox . Sizza's my usual nickname and that sim was inspired by me (but not a selfsim, I'm neither blue nor redhead).

Babies on the way!


Well, that's one challenge down.

Make that three.

Baby on the bus!


Good idea Juanetty. Sunbathing in autumn/winter while pregnant. Thumbs up.

Cute! I've never seen that animation before.

I missed the second pop.

They're not leading very interesting lives right now so birth!

Dryad could care less. But "Asian face" (my model sim), Arrow [ profile] bondchick_nett  and Ianira [ profile] kathsy are more responsive. And also not married to her >.>


Just those two. Jonathan and Melissa.

Juanetty tries to do the secret handshake or something with Dryad but it fails.

You know, I might've indulged you if I knew what the hll it was that you wanted.

Drama queen.

This is supposed to show then try for baby all on their own. Yes, that is indeed a picture-worthy moment in my game!

Weeeeell, you can't complain about lacking water, right?

Juanetty doesn't care if all you can do is cry, shit and sleep. That is no excuse for pooping yourself!

They're so cute!

Artie [ profile] pinkberet  must be an attention whore to choose that outfit and face mask.

Dryad! You're on a date with your wife. Plus, that woman is a lesbian!

"They're showing public affection? Who do they think they are?"
Maggie [ profile] e0625 is channelling me. Except I think it's fine in the sims. But I'd probably hate it if I were a sim.

*Note to self* Never spray yourself with perfume in public or people will start sniffing you.
Marc [ profile] javabean_dreams  is a creep and so is Bathsheba [ profile] charterzard  while Theory [ profile] juri_anne  is just plain weird.

A dragon!?

Triple joy!

Their ACR adventure was successful.


Toddler transition. Jonathan is cute.

Melissa is NOT! O.O

And then the thrid child is born, A girl name Aimee.

Because 3 are not enough, Dryad has a plantbaby, named Daniel. (I have a default plantsim from a pixel trader so he's eligible)

He...looks a bit like a pig XD

Aimee grews up and...turns out it's a boy. Oops XD

Toddler mayhem!

:l I hate how toddler follow their parents around.

Not creepy at all. Noooooo.

Melissa and Jonathan grow up. At least Melissa looks a little better....

Since the kids can stand, they're now employed to work on the "farm".

Yay :D

Naturally, I had Dryad wish for money. And then lifelong happiness, becasue he was not going to get a ton of puppies or kitties.

And Juanetty also wishes for lifetime happiness, because being a farmer does not let you become ZE LAW!

Have...a pointless picture. On the house!

First day of school and the kids bring home one of Anchorage's kids wit them.

Awwww. Look at that hopeful look on the kitty.

And so I start the pet legacy too. This is Meowth.
And wit that the update ends. Happy simming and thanks for reading!

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