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Beware of awful cactus abuse and an evil wishing well. And temper tantrums.

Last time I rolled a challenge where I have to spend all the income of a single sim (or the whole household fund,  don't remember, it doesn't make much difference with only one sim working) on the garden and landscaping, and I present the result in the form of a air picture...taken at night. Because I am smart >.>

Waylon continues to tempt fate like he's totally safe. WELL, YOU AREN'T, MISTER!

Boundaries, Chengdu doesn't know them.

Wayon, acting like the condom kid does not increase my love for you.

Invisiable pimples, the bane of evry teenage sim and the joy of teenaged humans if they existed.

Chengdu is so very adorable <3

Why, thank you Maya [ profile] jens_sims 

Still got the gardening thing going on. Belive me, do NOT have 2 separate families be farmers at the same time -_-

Wait, what!? But...your memories show no romantic relations of any kind...


As the challenge says, I have to get into the garden club. The garden club lady is demented though, who steals lawn ornaments while the owner is looking?


Our garden was awesometastic and we got the wishing well.

The Bellows kid are obsessed with bringing the Gomez kids over. And shut up, game, she's right there, talking to the friend she apparently lost contact with.

Waylon, I'd have thought you knew not ot go in the master bedroom when Kisimayo and Jorund are in there.

I'll gladly use their one command to get them some luuuuuurve.

....This is akward.

Great-grandma Laurine does not approve of her great-grandson dating older women (And maxis to boot!)

A forehead kiss, that's what dreams are made off.


Geez guys, give the boy a break.

I got a new easle painting default, and one of the kids painted this creepy-ass reindeer (?) thing.

Guangzhou grew up and I sent the older kids to Uni and forgot to take a picture. Stupid-ass me.

Party time, Kisimayo ventrilo-farts her brother but Izzy [ profile] xel_squirgle_ox does not approve of such a behavior in any party that she's in.

And then I noticed this. OF ALL THE SIMS IN MY GAME, YOU HAD TO HAVE 3 BOLTS WITH DRYAD GOMEZ? And the feeling just had to be mutual too -_- I foresee fuckery in the future.

Guangzhou, you little turd.

Jorund still exists and is rather useful around the house.

Yay... and stuff.

It's dating time.

XD I was totally hoping this would happen.

Jorund is wrinkleface too.

That little fool spent so much time burping in the podium that he became smelly. I do NOT pity the fool.

That meal was surely worthy of bestowing a cooking point on you, Kisimayo.

At least it wasn't caused by his own inaction this time.

What's wrong with the ghosts in this update?

I was sick of having her just sit on her ass all day and I'm waiting fot that slacker career to come up, I've yet to have a sim reach their LTW in this family. >.>

Let the lessons begin!

Yay and stuff.

"Me, Prof. Von Ball! Pick meeeeeee!"

That's nice, dear.

"*gasp* What a surprise t see you here!"

I felt it was high time Acropolis got some loving again.

Is there a curse on this well??

Thankfully, Gregory [ profile] kaputt_geliebt  can't see the social bunny and plants a wet one on Acropolis.

And she goes off to sniffing the flowers. Oooookay, that was a wasted wish.

And Gregory goes on to dance. Badly, if Jorund's expression is to be believed.

That stupid nature enthusiasm made her much happier than her new-found love did.

"Hi Adrienne [ profile] colemarie . My, you'd make me some A+ grandchildren..."

"Your beauty makes me feel like I'm standing on clouds. (And those clouds levitate me to perfect height)"
Putting "her" plan to action, I made Kisimayo influence Guangzhou here to admire Adrianne.

....Sure, Adrienne, we'll do that....

I love bigfoot hugs, have you noticed?

Aw, Jorund is so cute :)

Finally, the career I've been waiting for.

"Why am I back at this ugly house?"
For a potential spouse-meeting party, of course!

The influecned flirt did not go over well for Yinchuan and Arrow [ profile] bondchick_nett 

"Your mom should go to jail for this pimp-party!"
At least York Empire [ profile] bondchick_nett  and Augusta [ profile] smustleparty  (That name is so appropriate now XD)are having a good time.

Chengdu and Augusta were the only one of the forced flirters who didn't go all *minus* *minus* UR MOM GOEZ TO JAIL LOLZ!

Well, at least she got her number -_-

And Kisimayo gives me hope that she just miiiiiiiight get that LTW of hers.

Oh really? Well, youre in fora hell of a week now  *cackles*

She is afraid to lose a cooking contest and even if the competition isn't impressive, at least it requires some skill to not burn the food. Finnika [ profile] gheez  is rightfully hopeful with her hamburgers, her hot-dog rival is Shaula [ profile] elecy and the guy having second thought over bringing toast is Marcuss [ profile] sixamsims 

Wait, what!? that possible? Did Shaula cook those hot dogs in a oven that hasn't been cleaned in years? And did Marcuss make the toast out of cement or something? What is going on!!!

Anyway, Kisimayo was pooped so she went home and then Waylon got old. I must say that I really like the gray fur.

"A+ plus performance, Waylon, A+"

Losing a skill to fullfill a fear.

No matter how weird of a reboot of the movie Exorcist anyone would remake, I'm sure they won't cast an old man in the part of the possessed girl. Sorry Jorund.

Second try, and the competition isn't any more impressive. Jacob [ profile] chloriinated  isn't worrying too much over his dish and neither is Sudi [ profile] foreverred  and Ruby  [ profile] kkkayleighh  isn't sure her sandwich-making skills are up to par.

I guess the judge was given a stern talking-to and his judging makes sense now.

"My burnt cookies! How could they not win? I was so sure I'd win again!"

She got over it and went home to play some golf, Alice in wonderland style.

And then she got old.

":D I grew up very badly"


And this is the picture my icon comes from. It was made by the awesomesauce[ profile] kkkayleighh 

Guangzhou grows up and his family celebrates with him. And his (hopefully) newest friend too Maxwell [ profile] xel_squirgle_ox 

I see a big problem brewing.

Guangzhou does not approve of compliments that are not given by black-haired servo girls!

But playing catch is fine though.

Poor, poor cactus, what did you ever do to this family?

And here is Guangzhou in all his teen glory and awful clothing. I do like him, but doesn't he look a bit much like Kisimayo?

Speaking off. SHe hasn't got any better fashion-sense than her son.

And the update ends with Kisimayo finishing her harvest of.... "palm trees"
Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 4
Perma-Plat Sims: 1
Aspiration failures/Shrink visit: 48
Social Bunny Visits: 5
Fires: 3
Self-Wettings: 46
Pass-Outs : 48
Fights: 17
Deaths: 6
Social Worker Visits: 0
Alien Abductions: 1


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