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Beware of vacation spam! And, again, unobidient Gadwin. I didn't realize gadwin hadn't started until after Siegfried had moved in. Nothing, really, though.
I'm not really in good spirits right now (I'm ill) so I'm not commenting on all the pictures.
Siegfried is by[ profile] nectarou and Cyntie is by[ profile] steezie_k 

Siegfried and Vlora went to buy some clothes and another dog.

Say hi to Tincan. And a sim JamesSunderland made and Celery[ profile] simgaroop 

"Praise be to this wooden light-pole!"

And it's wedding party time! Let's hope Diellza, Gezime and Lülezime don't ruin this.

Why are you pretending to be shocked? I KNOW you did it on purpose.

Siegfried is now officiallty an Gong

They went on vacation to Twikki island and literally couldn't wait to pick a room. You guys are pathetic.

And when they pick a rooom, Siegfried decides to skip the rope.

The weather prediction is such a great fore-play....

For whom is this stupid lie? You've already had sex in Uni. With each other.
No babies were concived during this vacation (pregnant sims on vacation are pain!)

Everyone likes the fire-dancing. Take note of the shell-chatters.

Oh, give hear a break, she just started to learn.

Were you too good to let your wife ride the broom with you, and too good to walk besides her too?

I think I should've just sent you to a gymnasium instead of vacation if all you wanna do is skip rope.

I still haven't checekd what that is >.>

Not only d oyou refuse to walk beside your wife (or let her ride your room, your giant, blue broom) but you have to kick the tour guide in the groin?

I guess someone's vacation might get extended indefinently.

You telling him about your "two" first times?

I question the logic in leaving an unlabelled underwater camera in the waters but I'm not a sim.

Guess where theyðre going!

I love how heavy the witch doctor makes the doll seem. ow can a doll made of cotton, twine and buttons be so heavy?

How do you close a buckle with flips in midair? And I wonder what they called the picture? "Foreign retards who use the stupidest method possible to fasten a buckle?"

I used Siegfried's one command to get him a job

Time for babies!

Tincan gets some training

I'm really happy you love each other so much but could you not do it in the bathroom?

All work and no play makes Vlora's boss happy. And a bit of a tyrant. It's her lucnbreak, man!

Siegfried has friends :O


With babies on the way, I'm afraid you won't

I see what u did thar, Cake!





Did I ever mention they had another dog? Sadly, it's the same gender as Tincan (male) and was sold

So, you're phoning your cousin to get a promotion for yourself, Berjes? Why did you feel the need to tell me that?

Uhm, Cake, you know that's not your wife.... Please get off the bed.

What is it with the Gongs and awful (kindengarten-level mentality) bosses now?

Baby time!

It's a girl named Rhaxma... Is that a maxis skin?

A new, correctly-gendered dog, Tjicken

Bad Thjicken!

I apperantly forgot to fire the darn nanny who still follows Cake's scheduel.

The nanny is the perfect test subject for the voodoo doll, yes/yes?

Then she was fired.

Rhaxma's birfday!

I suspect she looks a lot like Vlora, and that is a maxis skin. I shall fix that.

There, skin fixed and everyone rejoices over the wonderful toddler

When you ask for nothing, you get nothing

Uhm, put her down then?

Another babby on ze way?

"I hear moldy cheese makes our busts fabulous!"

Fail starts in 3...2...1...


At least Rhaxma is save. Starving and falling asleep on the floor, but save


I think those matching jammies are cute. But not what they indicate. You have your own bed, guys!

Moar sleep on floor. I forgot to buy a pet-bed for her, obviously.

Almost,but not quite. And no pregmorph makes Sizza a sad panda :C



"Push like a woman! Right now, it's like you're only pushing a puppy!"

Say hi to Pubdu.

And then the lot broke.

The fuck is this?

The fuck is that?

Time to move, I guess.

Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 2
Perma-Plat Sims: 0
Aspiration failures/Shrink visit: 13
Social Bunny Visits: 0
Fires: 1
Self-Wettings: 14
Pass-Outs : 13
Fights: 26
Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Alien Abductions: 0
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