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Little commentary here and it's not very funny either, sorry about that :/
Siegfried is by [info]nectarousness

Only Yllka got to move in since she had the best relationship with Elira.

"It's all your fault my sister picked Yllka over me!"

So far, I'm not regretting that I chose her.

"Ah, the wonders of toddler growth!"
"You're welcome to take part it, you know..."


When dod this become a ISBC (I'm surrounded by competence)?

Finally, Rgaxma gets a makeover.

May I rem,ind you that Yllka is NOT GC sim.


Sure, if you keep the horsing around in the school.

Still obsessed!


See how she's in her swimsuit? She swam over the pool to get to the beach, even if she could've just walked. I don't even....

Potty training status: Complete!

Still boring as hell though.

She slammed that cup against her forehead XD

Rhaxma's secondary aspiration is knowledge.

Uh, yay?

Tincan grew old.

Time for Kagiso to grow up!

Aw, isn't she cute?

And now it's Pubdu's turn.

Then...stop bragging if you don't wanna sound smug.

Even if his conversation might lead you to think otherwise, Pubdu's straight.

Guess who didn't grow up so well.

The genie batch-slapped Vlora's wish for happiness true!

Don't you guys need to be in the same room to play rock-paper-scissors? Or playing in general?

Pubdu's makeover.

All good isbi sims must crack eventually....

XD She booty-called her boyfriend, I love it when my uncontrollables do that, it alwasy makes me go "Whaaaaaaaa... Who are you?"

IMPENDING HEADMASTER VISIT IS IMPENDING! Also impending is Justice by[ profile] xel_squirgle_ox
 is also impending.

This made me laugh? The serious spirit of Justice, making the water wiggle spray his ass and giggling like a girl XD

Siegfried, the meister-cook!

Despite his grumpy face, he loved the house so much he gave the tour 46 points.


He chose to do this all by himself. I r so proud *sniff*

I really have to remember not to enlarge those.

Since I can only control Vlora, she's the only one doing this.

I love the voodoo doll, no senseless waste of time in chatting, just instant friends. Like instant noodles, fake but cheap. Today's cheap friend is Harper by[ profile] telectroscope

Whoops, I totally missed this.

Well, I won't really have to worry about that since the hood glitched and I ended up getting rid of it and setting the Gongs up in another 'hood.

See ya there!


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