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Be prepered for a lot of fighting in this update. Like, A LOT!

Pubdu won the heir poll by a landslide and I can finally reveal that he fucking freaks me out because it looks like he comes straight from [ profile] trappingit 's game. BUT THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

His stats. He's got like 8 creativity points. Damn, those sandcastles help build creativity!

Last time, daddy Siegfried [ profile] nectarousness died. Kagiso took his death hard.

While Rhaxma was all HELL YEAH, INHERITANCE!

This smustle-party was brought to you by Jeffrey [ profile] siouxpergirl has no shame and alos nothing you haven't seen before, Pubdu.

First of waaaaay too many fights of the update.

I see Matthew and Harley [ profile] teffielynne  have found the double bed....

Jeffrey: "DId you know Harley just did the woohoo for the first time recently? How cool is that!"

Pubdu threw a party and his teen friend, Tiaret [ profile] alfredaskew  ,whom he has no bolts with (Like every woman he meets!), sadly, showed us her awesome smustle face.


"Greetings to you, my hateful sibling."

I told you there would be a lot of fights....


...a lot!

How does one find a statue of an apple on a pillar during a hike? Did you hike through a museum?

" 8O why does no one want to play poker with me?"
Because you're a horrible person?

Yuss! Another stat to update that isn't the fighting stat!

Seriously, where are you taking these hikes Pubdu?


Laughing at your awful sister's awful mistakes is apparently awful.

"How dare you hit on me!!!"
Pubdu has not found ONE sim he has boltage with, I'm not kidding.

"How can you think I'm after your gold bars? I'm not even a secondary fortune aspiration!"


Armless statue dissaproves.

"Don't mind me, just walking through and thinking if it's a possibility to for guys, since all the women I meet are not approved by the mighty boltage."

I got them a parrot. His name is Bill.

Yes, I am that desperate.


Let's try again, shall we?

AGAIN?! And this time not even a P_T teen.

Thwe first sim ever to show any interest in Pubdu and he's all "Can't touch this"

"Congrats for winning at least one of 12 fights!"

I sent Pubdu downtown to look for some girls. All he found were his dormmate, Coleen [ profile] keoni_chan whose gay, and his mother.

But then he hit the jackpot and met these two lovlies. Bessy [ profile] thegranddewru and Kip [ profile] oaphish . They both had no bolts for Pubdu -_-

I made Pubdu call all his Uni female co-students, hoping he'd have some interest in any of them and lucky me. He liked Yor [ profile] backerbse  enough to go on a date with her and her exploding skirt (I have no idea how that happened).

So far, so good.

I usually let the chef pick what they eat (since it's always the same food that they are thinking about before ordering, so I assume it's what they want). Yor got herself some mac&cheese and Pubdu's dinner was spaghetti or something. Keeping it classy, guys! (In the background, Horace [ profile] voleste , Sabrina Keoni [ profile] keoni_chan  and Marion [ profile] dothesmustle )

That was fast for one-bolters o.o

In an attempt to distract the sisters from beating the lives of each other, I had Pubdu influence them to hit on Jeffrey.

You see how well that went.

Seriously, when you're influenced to flirt with someone you barely know, you do NOT jump into serenading them or grabbing their ass!

Yor and Pubdu are doing good.

Pubdu continues to hike through the strangest places....

"Clean that bowl, rub that seat, gerbits, gerbits, vooooooooooooooo gerbits!"

...At least Rhaxma isn't attacking Kagiso this time?

"Uh, no, what makes you think I want ot go on a date with you?"

How can you even become enemies with the llama mascot?

Et tu, Harley?

To break up from the fight pictures, have some townie love between Wolfram  [ profile] failhappens  and Aynsley [ profile] quellasims .


No sim should be this happy about getting a tip!

I love that they have 1 bolt but this still happens <3

Has Kagiso finally met her match? Stay tuned!

He was sitting there before you planted your stinky ass down to write in your diary....

I admit, I cheated and made Rhaxma and Kagiso go straight to the finals after the first fail, since they were going to fail anyway.

Well, I won't be missing them, especially not Kagiso (who usually initiated fights)

Twu wuv!

True love is difficult to achive an often leaves it subjects exhausted.

Date spam!

/spam. Teens present at the date were: Strobos [ profile] backerbse  and Fennec [ profile] saria_deea 

Time to go back home and go REEEEEEED!

At least it has some red in it....

And now let's see what the stats of the dear sisters are:

Still batshit insane, I see, eh, Kagiso.

2 nice points? That explains the fightogeddon.

Okay, but why did you even participate in the fights?

Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 2
Perma-Plat Sims: 0
Aspiration failures/Shrink visit: 14
Social Bunny Visits: 0
Fires: 2
Self-Wettings: 15
Pass-Outs : 19
Fights: 45 <-- 19 fights in one update!!!!
Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Alien Abductions: 0
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