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I feel like I'm starting off all my updates with apologizing, but here I go, yet again. Gadwin or my computer, not sure which, decided to be a major jerk and not start up gadwin (my printscreen program) so there is a major gap in the update. And of course, during that gap, important things happened.I hate you, Gadwin! Or my computer, not sure which is to blame here.

Anyway, the update starts with some snogging.

And grow-upping.

And the first thing Ms. Yor[personal profile] backerbse
 does is to mock her eldery mother-in-law

Not happening, Pubdu!

Here's Yor makeovered according to the weekly challnge, which is MAKE EVERYTHING EVER RED! Or something like that.

*Claps hands* "Well! That is an exquisite idea, old chap!"

The beach is still the most interesting thing on the lot, ever.

Bill came back with Pubdu, and he also got in on the whole red action, too.

Gee, what could this mean?

Yes, Vlora is still sleeping on the sidewalk and dreaiming of Fennec[ profile] saria_deea , while Stephanie[ profile] jens_sims raids their trash-can.


You can call to chat too Strobos [personal profile] backerbse , you know, Instead of sending out passive-aggressive whining.

Vlora finally woke up.

Just in time for the wedding! From right to left: Aynsley[ profile] bondchick_nett and some random restaurant sim.

Inappropriate, Strobos!

I guess Vlora doesn't like her new daughter-in-law. And what's up with Kagiso's hair?

With the wedding over comes the terrible mundaneness of everyday life. Like pregnancy...

Bee attacks...

Bee attacks that follow you into the sea...

And your dead husband going all Edward on you.

Yor does not want your hugs!

But she'll take all the compliments you can muster.

Smart move, smart move....

"No, no, just listen to the get-rich-quick plan, Bill. If you give it a chance, we might come out of this as a filthily rich sim and a simparrot!"

Stay classy, Pubdu.

Birth tiemz!

It's a boy, named Mortimer! All of mom's colourings.

With the growing family, promotions are well appreciated.

ACR fornication!

Gewd jerb!

"You and your son should get the fail-emmies!"
So should you for eating pancakes that practically have BIOHAZARD written on them.

Yurpian is now a cute.... bull-moustache-dog?

"Ick, I don't want your cooties."

You've got more than his cooties :P

Ickle Mortimer is going to be a bit bigger Mortimer.

He looks a lot like Yor, but his skin and eyes could be fooling me.

That is definitely her nose, though.
And this is the time gadwin graciously stopped working.

I told you a lot happened >.> To clarify, Vlora died of old age (not that that's surprising), Yor gave birth to another boy named Dean (toddler here), then became pregnant again, Mortimer grew up, Yor gave birth to Gertrude and Wilhelm. She apparently lost her brain along with the last birth and died of starvation. Pubdu tried to win the bet with Grimmie but lost. And that's how Pubdu became a single father of 4 kids.

But life must go on, and Gerturd and Wilhelm grow up to be toddlers.

Dean became a kid in the company of his dad, Stephanie and Coleen [ profile] keoni_chan 

Mortimer is a well-adjusted child.

The only zombie-fiable sim on the lot is Pubdu....


A zombie dad must think of his kids first and foremost. Not braaaaaaaaaaaains.

Go eat cereal then!

Pubdu's ltw is to reach golden anniversary and if he's going to have any hope of that, he must remarry (and get a live-in help, for free)

At least she doesn't mind Pubdu's zombie state.

Doesn't mind at all.

I can literally see the excitement vibe from you.

Prof. Willow wastes no time in getting to know her future step-children.

"No, I'm not moving in! I haven'tr grown accustomed to the baby smell mixed with zombie rot."

Not ready to wear that baby and zombie smelling ring either.

After a little persuation, Willow moves in.

The jelousy is seething in the background (old professor was originally supposed to be the backup wife)

I don't think it's lame, given the circumstances here.

I repea... what's going on in the background?

O.O What the...

It's Mortimer's birthday too.

I guess he really got accustomed to the smell at home....

Rub it in, why don't you!

Willow got a makeover.

Kitchen engagement.

Followed by a holy matrimony in the witness of Bill.

Wilhelm zapped Mortimer. What a whimp.

What did Mortimer ever do to you guys?

*Le Sigh* I was hoping to skip this for at least one generation.

I obviously got them a playground and for a change, someone uses it! And it's a kid too!

Dat zap!

The next sim-morning the game started lagging and lagging and lagging. Apparently, the lot is borked.

Time for a new house!
I should be an architect, yes? XD
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