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Ahem. I love the pjs/undies that are just panties. It makes for hilarious moments. And I have to apologize, since this will be...rather disjointed. I was apperantly rahter derpy when picking and trashing away. pictures

Sure, whatever.

Aren't you happy to be home, to live in your yard, among your moms, dead ancestors and an insane robot? Beats Uni any day, right?

Jacob [ profile] simtarts wears an excellent outwear (isn't he cold!?).

Kisimayo is right there, you numbskull.

Sweet revenge or a friendly game. Whichever.


Jaboc's threats are so terrefying, they make people freeze.

There's not much to do outside except dote on your pets.

Shouldn't this break a servo (it didn't this time, at least)?


Kisimayo chooses the best places to freeze, doesn't she?

How do sims do that? I know when I need to go, I don't sit on the toilet only to stand up from it, flush down and then pee myself.

Getting something to eat and meet some strangers (and to visit new places to have a meltdown in). Kisimayo is getting to know Zevran [ profile] xel_squirgle_ox while Astoria [ profile] shelbster93 wishes he would greet her instead.

Trust me, Mrs. C will not provide you with any knowledge.

Poor Acropolis can't catch a break.

3. gen. Gretchen gets her first kiss, I assume. This is kind of pathetic.

Freyan [ profile] gheez dissaproves of public display of love. I completely agree.

And Acropolish goes into her 3rd breakdown on this lot only. I think she's a bit of a drama queen.

Sniffing Lukev's [ profile] jesstheex 's crotch will not make you feel better. Trust me.

The utter fail continues when they return home.

Not even her grandaughter's wedding party can make her happy.
In the picture are Jorund [ profile] jens_sims , Donna [ profile] xel_squirgle_ox and the extended Bellows family.

Remember how Merlin [ profile] naughtydolphin hates Thiés? Even at his own wedding party, he can't stop harassing her >(

I think it should be Acropolis getting some compliments, not giving them, so she'll stop with her melodrama.

Donna has a great formal wear, y/y?

Some friendly game of "Beating the hell out of each other with brick-filled pillows".


Fantastic. Now we can go on to wait using that money until next week.

Poor Tasiilaq. There's no place of comfort right behind her T.T

Merlin has been a douche to Thiés and he had no autonomous interaction with Kisimayo (while Jorund started the pillow pummelling) so I thought to hell with it.


"I'm going to get slapped but it'll get me closer to hot Jorund's permanent ownership :D"

Aniother community lot, another breakdown. This time to try to ruin Izzy's[ profile] xel_squirgle_ox 's and Marcuss's [ profile] sixamsims chess game.

...the best meal here is Kisimayo's burnt sandwiches. Varg [ profile] teckno102 , Claire and Desi Lu [ profile] xel_squirgle_ox (I swear I have other sims in my game!), you should be ashamed of yourselves!

And so they seemed to be.

Give it a rest, Acropolis, Marcuss is not interested.

I hate you too Merlin.

Since they didn't break up yet, now's as good a time as any.

Pfft. They have bowls in the house that get automatically refilled. Dumb pets. AND HI DOG FROM BEGINNING OF UPDATE THAT INSISTED ON JOINING THE FAMILY!

And no one cares but Acropolis. I guess I should feel bad but honestly, they were just annoying.

Now, the break-up.

Attention-whore... -_-

Oh, quit yo whinin'. You're getting a better guy here (one that doesn't hate your sister for no reason and doesn't lust after both your moms).

Hilariously categorized "outfit", I has them.

I think I made the right choice :)

I forgot that calling for delivered food is allowed >.>

Bst engagded poto eba!

Rebekkah [ profile] pinkberet wonders how anyone could fall asleep on the sidewalk.

Yes, you got engaged at one point in the past few days.

Liam. Long time, no see!

Well, that's why she called you.

Edric Stagg? Did you decide to live up to your name and look like you just got out of a stag party?

Well, she won't talk to von Ball for a while, at least.

Not a good idea, Penelope [ profile] kaputt_beliebt .

The maid is still stealing the newspaper and I still don't know why. And no shit, plants give gardens a nice look!

A repairman fixed her up and I'm regretting it.

More parties and more relationship problems. Dominic here is married to Bryn [ profile] jesstheex (in the tower) who isn't too happy about him licking his step-grandmother's arm.

I should never have let anyone repair you.

I love the dance kiss <3

FINALLY, THE WEEK ENDS. And yay, more clutter deco!

Day one, a tree-statue.

And a new pet. This time a bird.

Calling death and then hanging up on him when the person you want to ressurect (Port Said) isn't available for some reason makes sims buff. TRY IT TODAY!

Yes, Kisimayo, this is just the outfit you show up in at your own wedding party. And it seems Merlin wasn't too broken over the break-up.

I hate you, Acropolis.

Say Whaaaaat?

Whoa, totally didn't see that coming *sarcasm hand raised*

"von Ball will help you with all your problems, Tasiilaq"

My timing is great in this update. That is their *marrige picture*

Followed by a marriage woohoo.

And a honeymoon to Three Lakes!

They just arrived and already know the slap-dance.

Whatever could this mean?


Guess who's going to have more than one baby?

Despite renting a room, Jorund feels better sleeping on a hammock.

You never made out before?

But if you pick up an egg, the mother will leave it!

Totes worth it.

Meet Waylon "el mustachio" Bigfoot

That's awful of you Kisimayo!

You meet Bigfoot and you woohoo in his hammock? Okay then....

Worst place to keep your food, ever.

That might hurt O.o

And we go back home to find Amethyst [ profile] xel_squirgle_ox pissed because Acropolis prefers not to dance with her.

Heirloom #2.

There was one thing I wanted Kisimayo to do on her vacation and since they have the money I sent her to finish it.

Say hello to the newest household member, Waylon Bigfoot!

Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 4
Perma-Plat Sims: 1
Aspiration failures/Shrink visit: 41
Social Bunny Visits: 2
Fires: 2
Self-Wettings: 43
Pass-Outs : 41
Fights: 17
Deaths: 5
Social Worker Visits: 0
Alien Abductions: 1


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