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I jumped on the kids for diversity: animal edition bandwagon and this is my entry.

The Aye-Aye Lemur ( who totally looks way freakier than this, usually)

And here is Aye-Aye as an adult.

Aye-Aye is packaged as a child and here is her clean installer shot.
Aye-Aye with CC l Aye-Aye without CC
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As you possibly might've guessed from the title, I come bringing downloads, 3 sims and 2 (female) hairs.

First up is a hair conversion by le-plat-du-jour/Marja. It's colour-binned but mesh isn't included. It is found here.
Brady Bunch Gone Maxis-match

Next is the Peggy February Gift hair. Sadly, it lacks an elder stage :( But mesh is included.
Peggy February Gift Maxis-Match

And now, the sims.

Fist up is Duna. She comes packaged with all the CC shown above and here is her Clean Installer screen.

Say hi to Mr. Cheese. Who's....a cheese in a sim-form or a grilled cheese obsesed sim. I don't remember which one :P He also is packaged in the CC shown above and have a clean installer screen.
Mr. Cheese.

Finally, here's Mindy MacGuff, sim inspired by her skintone. Same CC-deal as with the others.
Mind MacGuff
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edit* I fixed the mesh link for the first hair. I'm so sorry for the trouble
*Edit 2* The awesome [ profile] jesstheex allowed me to include the mesh. Let's all give the Klessy a kiss.
Mesh is included

Mesh by le_plat_du_jour/Marja
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Say hello to Stålman, Simcity's superhero, who is totally not inspired by Commander Badass.
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Here is a sim I made for The person below me challenge on Pixel_trade.
Due to a moment of some brainfart, the first sim I got a prompt on will come later.

From[ profile] sixamsims
: The person below me will make a sexy, sultry female alien with big 80's hair and a rockstar attitude. She can have any colour skin you like, but she must have red alien eyes and big pouty lips.

This is Bonnie

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From [ profile] racetrackd : The person below me will create a Lady Gaga loving teenager.
He/she will have a style quite similar to Gaga with a square head,
plump kissable lips, and big curved BLUE eyes.

This is Gagafan (totes imaginative, right?)

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I was checking out my Stuff-I-Made folder and realized that I hadn't uploaded a lot of stuff, those 2 peggy hairs + glass recolour + (HORRID, WHY AM I UPLOADING THAT!?) earrings recolours included.
All meshes included.

Download at your own risk.

You are a brave soul

I shall erect a statue in your memory


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